Pandora Jewellery Collection

So, I'm a massive Pandora fan. It all started when my friend's all chipped in to buy me one of their charm bracelets. Since, then I got a bit Pandora obsessed and I've slowly built up a little bit of a collection. Pandora produce really lovely, personalised jewellery at a range of different price points.… Continue reading Pandora Jewellery Collection

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Finding Your Inner Creativity

I believe that everyone is born an artist, it's just we all have different styles of expression. Often, creativity becomes discouraged as you're growing up parents or teachers may make comments like "that drawing doesn't look like me" or "that model doesn't look like a plane", that although may seem perfectly harmless, it can discourage… Continue reading Finding Your Inner Creativity



Serenity. by bowmanella featuring Root CandlesHudson Valley Lighting sphere light, £1,265 / Paris bedding, £76 / King bedding, £67 / Amanti Art cat home decor, £115 / Bluebellgray pink home decor / Posh Totty Designs brass planter / Floral painting, £25 / Cactus pot, £13 / Root Candles candles candleholder, £11 / Gray console table,… Continue reading Serenity.

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Where am I going with this?

So, after blogging seriously for about a month now, I'm starting to wonder where I want to go with this blog. Recently, I've been posting quite a lot of fashion and lifestyle posts and I kind of feel that I've neglected some of the arty side of my blog (which isn't great when my blog's… Continue reading Where am I going with this?